Meet Ben Amzaleg

I am driven by success: the success of my clients, my customers and yours.

I solve problems: always find a way, always figure it out, never take no for an answer.

I enjoy getting creative: dreaming and imagining are the cornerstones of evolution; the impossible is more aptly called the as-yet undiscovered.

I live to innovate: standard is obsolete, I question the why and the how to achieve the optimal result not the typical result.

I am passionate about my life and my work.

I evaluate the method before I evaluate the execution.

I love Vancouver: its energy and diversity; its restaurants, night life, and street vibe; its artistic production, fashion, and design focus; and most especially its vibrant, pulsating mix of people and cultures.

I love the rest of the world, too: Tel Aviv, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Shanghai and all the places in between.

I understand the needs of global citizens.

I look forward to hearing from you on how we could work together on your next property.

Ben Amzaleg